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architectures for collaborative logistics

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Last updated
April 22nd, 2010


Dialog software download page

The software distributed here has been developed by the Dialog research project's programming team. They software is written in Java and should work as such on any Java-enabled computer running UNIX/Linux or Windows.

DIALOG and the PROMISE project

During 2007 DIALOG was expanded with Promise Messaging Interface (PMI) support. PMI is a WebServices interface developed in the context of the PROMISE project.

You can download the PMI-Dialog source code (version 2008-01-28, with pre-compiled binaries) from here. Installation instructions can be found here.

Older versions of the DIALOG software

DIALOG change in architecture in 2005

The DIALOG system architecture was modified during the summer of 2005 to use semantic relations (i.e. semantic nets) and "agents" for implementing application-specific logic and Design Patterns. All current development work is done on this new version. Therefore, we recommend that developers should use this version rather than the old one from 2003. On the other hand, for the moment the 2003 version remains more tested, more stable and includes drivers for two RFID readers.

Go to download page for 2003 version.


  • To download the source code of the full software click here.
  • Binary (pre-compiled) versions will be added later.

Last updated 28 June 2006