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Last updated
April 22nd, 2010


Dialog software download page

This is the download page for the DIALOG software released in 2003 and used in two industrial pilots. It is therefore quite stable and has support for two different RFID readers as well as keyboard-emulating barcode readers. However, this version is no longer used for new developments and is provided "as-is".

The software distributed here has been developed by the Dialog research project's programming team. They software is written in Java and should work as such on any Java-enabled computer running UNIX/Linux or Windows.

  • To download the source code of the full software click here. (Both server and client component are included.)

  • To download the server or client component separately click here

  • To download an other server component that uses SOAP, click here

  • To download the client component for an Ipaq handheld click here

  • To download the client component for java enabled mobile phones click here

  • To download the dws component click here

Last updated 28 June 2006