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April 22nd, 2010


DIALOG publications

Project description

Presentation by Kary Främling at Tekes workshop for the ELO technology program, 7th May , 2002 (PDF).

Articles in refereed journals

FRÄMLING, Kary, ALA-RISKU, Timo, KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, HOLMSTRÖM, Jan. Design Patterns for Managing Product Life Cycle Information. Communications of the ACM, , Vol. 50, No. 6, 2007. pp. 75-79. Download as PDF.

FRÄMLING, Kary, KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, ALA-RISKU, Timo, HOLMSTRÖM, Jan. Agent-based Model for Managing Composite Product Information Computers in Industry, Vol. 57, No. 1, 2006. pp. 72-81. Download as PDF.

KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, HOLMSTRÖM, Jan, FRÄMLING, Kary. Wireless item identification: a solution for e-commerce fulfilment problems. Int. J. of Electronic Business, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2004. pp. 108-120.

KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, ALA-RISKU, Timo, FRÄMLING, Kary. The product centric approach: a solution to supply network information management problems? Computers in Industry, Vol. 52, No. 2, 2003. pp. 147-159. Download as PDF.

HOLMSTRÖM, Jan, FRÄMLING, Kary, TUOMI, Jukka, KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, ALA-RISKU, Timo. Implementing Collaboration Process Networks. International Journal of Logistics Management, Volume 13, Number 2, 2002. pp. 39-50. Download as PDF.

KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, HOLMSTRÖM, Jan, FRÄMLING, Kary, ARTTO, Karlos. Intelligent products - a step towards a more effective project delivery chain. Computers in Industry, Volume 50, Issue 2 February 2003. pp. 141-151. Download as PDF.

HOLMSTRÖM, Jan, FRÄMLING, Kary, KAIPIA, Riikka, SARANEN, Juha. Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment: New solutions needed for mass collaboration. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Volume 7, Number 3, 2002. pp. 136-145. Download as PDF, Zipped PS, PS. This paper received the Highly Commended Award of Emerald Literati Club (one of the four most highly ranked papers of the journal in 2002).

Refereed conference papers

FRÄMLING, Kary, KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, ALA-RISKU Timo, HOLMSTRÖM, Jan. Managing Product Information in Supplier Networks by Object Oriented Programming Concepts. In: Taisch, Marco, Filos, Erastos, Garello, Paolo, Lewis, Kevin, Montorio, Marco (eds.) Proceedings of IMS International Forum, Cernobbio, Italy, 17-19 May 2004. pp. 1424-1431.

HUVIO, Eero, GRÖNVALL, John, FRÄMLING, Kary . Tracking and tracing parcels using a distributed computing approach . In: SOLEM, Olav (ed.) Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference for Nordic Researchers in Logistics (NOFOMA'2002), Trondheim, Norway, 12-14 June 2002. pp. 29-43.

KÄRKKÄINEN, Mikko, FRÄMLING, Kary, ALA-RISKU, Timo. Integrating material and information flows using a distributed peer-to-peer information system . In: Jagdev H.S., Wortmann J.C., Pels H.J. (eds.) Collaborative Systems for Production Management, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, USA, 2003. pp. 305-319.

SMÅROS, Johanna, FRÄMLING, Kary. Peer-to-peer information systems - an enabler of collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment , Logistics Research Network 6th Annual Conference, September 2001.

Thesis reports

NYMAN, Jan (2008). Product data gathering using a distributed software architecture and product embedded information devices. Helsinki University of Technology. 65 p. Download as PDF.

HUVIO, Eero (2003). Using distributed system with RFID in tracking. Helsinki University of Technology. 79 p. Download as PDF.

JÄRVINEN, Petteri (2002). Language Independent Software Communication in Distributed Applications. University of Helsinki. 72 p. Download as PDF.

ALA-RISKU, Timo (2002). Evaluating the costs and benefits of merge-in-transit for distributors. Helsinki University of Technology. 81 p. Download as PDF.

Research reports

VIOT, Nicolas. Trainee report on J2ME implementation of Dialog client software using XML/SOAP. 28 August 2002. Download as PDF.

FRÄMLING, Kary. Tracking of material flow by an Internet-based product data management system (in Finnish: Tavaravirran seuranta osana Internet-pohjaista tuotetiedon hallintaa). Tieke EDISTY magazine, No. 1, 2002, Publication of Tieke (Finnish Information Society Development Centre), Finland, 2002.

Working papers

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