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Last updated
5th January 2007


Dialog CVS

Accessing the CVS (developers only)

To use the projects CVS you have to register yourself. After you received your username and password you can setup your cvs connection. To get the cvs connection to work you have to have a cvs client and an ssh client installed on your machine.

On linux (bash) type:
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -d:ext:username@dialog.hut.fi:/home/DIALOG/CVS co modulename

On windows set the proper CVSROOT (/home/DIALOG/CVS) and authentication (ssh) in your cvs client.

Remark: only the "new_dialog" CVS module is updated for the new architecture established in 2005. The other modules belong to the 2003 architecture. Even though only minor modifications should be needed to make e.g. the "dws" module to work with the new architecture, this work has not been scheduled yet.

For further reading about cvs check http://www.cvshome.org (Opens in new window).